Artistic talent joins forces to ask What Is… Light?

An event that brings together a host of artists will take place at Hull’s Heads Up Festival. When: At Heads Up Festival, Wednesday 7th March 2018. Where: An intimate space and secret location in Hull’s Bankside Industrial Estate.26994307_1614042445370000_273082920463393569_nWhat Is…Light? will see visual artists, photographers, musicians, audio artists, writers, performers and others paired together to create work that will explore the theme of light. The event is organised by city-based What Is? Collective.

The event will take place in a secret location that will be revealed to audiences 48 hours before work goes on display.

What Is? Collective artist Sarah Mole, who established the group, said: “Part exhibition, part performance, here’s something that you may never have experienced before. Artists are paired. One creates, one responds. Both reflect on the chosen theme and go on their own journey of self-inquiry and reflection.

Artists are not provided with a brief; rather, they are provided with the theme and provided with an opportunity to create work in response to someone working in a different discipline to explore their own ideas.

We have gathered together an extraordinary amount of talent in order to create an event that will be very different from the norm. We pair artists together to respond to our chosen theme, in this case light, and the result is artists working collaboratively with absolute creative freedom.

Events of this kind provide a real opportunity and the momentum to create some really interesting new work and present it in a format that will surprise an audience that, if our previous events are anything to go by, come with very open minds and a willingness to explore the meaning of the arts and their relationship to art.”

What Is? Collective create cross-discipline arts events that are held in a secret but intimate location. A unique experience is guaranteed. A What Is? event typically features visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, mysterious sound and lighting and a leap into the unknown.

Sarah added: “This is an exhibition with a difference. A one-off opportunity to experience what these artists have created, over a short period of time.

We are not revealing the specific location until closer to the night itself but the event will take place in and around Hull’s Bankside industrial estate, an area that is a very special and unique part of the city.”

DUt6qSJX4AAvjkUPrevious What Is? events have taken place in rediscovered spaces, such as old shops, heritage spaces, disused offices, somewhere with a view, forgotten but amazing spaces no longer in use, spaces that are intimate and offer an unexpected adventure.

The result is as satisfying to audience members as it is to those creating the work. This promises to be a memorable occasion in the company of a collective of artists seeking new ways to work.

What Is Light will take place on March 7th from 6pm. Tickets for the event are priced at £3-£10.

For more information about What Is? Collective visit

Heads Up Festival is produced by E52 in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre. For more information about Heads Up Festival and to purchase tickets for this event and more visit


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