Culture Marathon


‘It is a marathon not a sprint…’

Digital Media Journalist

Create –  Connect –  Capture

What do you do? I’m a media practitioner, I’m a text-based content generator. I’m a facilitator a communicator, an independent critical friend and a cultural ambassador.

What do you do? I go to stuff and I write about it.



4 responses to “Culture Marathon

  1. Vienna

    Hi MIichelle. Its only now that Ive realised that you wrote a review of my first ever fractal art exhibition at the Artlink gallery a few years ago! Belated thanks for that. I think I caught you on camera too. Just writing an Arts Council application and looking through old stuff. Thanks for what you do Michelle, we very occaisionaly cross paths on One Hull of a City on Facebook.
    Just showing appreciation, Kudos to you!

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  2. Chris

    Hi Michelle, just wondering if you can help, how do I get to see the Humber number 1 chart, thanks Chris, Barrel Fever.

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