Vogue Fabrics ‘PRIDE Weekend’ Awards 2016

Hot on the high heels of the Vogue Fabrics’ NTSRadio Takeover during Pride 2016, comes the next instalment of #ProjectQueer. A light-hearted look at the weekend’s other events and spectacles, by way of an Awards Ceremony complete with Judges’ Comments and pictures by Max Allen.  So plate up the canapés, take your seat and break open the champagne… it is time for the first award of the evening…

Lewis G Burton

Lewis G Burton

BEST DJ Lewis G Burton 

Hotly contested but for playing Abba, Cher and Blondie and for making one of the judges dance with such abandon like she’d not done in a long time, the gorgeous Lewis takes the first award.


Judges were initially startled at the appearance of a gold-painted cyberqueer, an original concept, they thought the transformation was exceptional.


For her personality, energised performance and distinctive mash-up choices, excellent timing and stage presence, and for being kind enough to make a newbie feel welcome.


The part of the ceremony where the judges pick out two names, who have gone above and beyond to make a difference. The two recipients of Special Mentions are….

Max Allen and Ailee for being the most generous and warm-hearted souls on the planet. For sharing, listening and understanding.

Virgin Xtravaganzah

Virgin Xtravaganzah

BEST OUTFIT – Virgin Xtravaganzah

A cross between Jesus’s mum and the Mexican Day of the Dead – the beaded, chiffon black frock, looked surprisingly wearable.


Dressed as Divine, Kevin looked just as her namesake. The nails, the hair and make-up and all that shiny red leather.

BEST DECOR – Sunday – Funday Reduced to Queer

For the inspired ‘sex-change on the beach’ look, complete with half-eaten doughnuts and the fabulously inventive funting bunting.

Reduced to Queer @ Sunday Funday

Reduced to Queer @ Sunday Funday

FOUL MOUTH AWARD – Cara ‘Power Shower’ Park

Self-nominated this award, but the judges all agree that she does indeed have the fowlest (sic) mouth we’ve ever heard. The judges also thank Cara for sharing with them ‘God’s little cow.’


This one-off award goes to Michelle Dee for her incredibly emotive display during Total Eclipse… “Every now and then I fall apaaarrrrgght!!

Here come the girls...

Here come the girls…

And Now…. The Final Award. The Most hotly contested of them all.

For dedication to her art form, for being the most colourful, matriarchal and one of the most intriguing drag looks the judges have ever seen…



Maxi More

Maxi More


Judging panel met in secret

Judges conducted deliberations freely and fairly

Judges were impartial

Judges decision is final

Judging panel was just one person 

Judges were all Michelle Dee

Judges were sponsored by Messrs G & T

Please leave acceptance speeches, plus messages of congratulations and commiserations below. Images courtesy of Max Allen.

That concludes the Inaugural Vogue Fabrics PRIDE Weekend Awards on behalf of #ProjectQueer brought to you courtesy of VOGUE FABRIC. 

Twitter @vfduk  visit site: http://vfdalston.com/

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  1. randomthespian

    Bourgeoisie is just the queen of everything! Wonderful post, viva la drag!

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