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New Exhibition Carries Message Against Govt. Disability Measures

Jason Wilsher-Mills once described himself as a ‘reluctant digital artist’ but now through engaging with different technologies, including iPad Art and Augmented Reality, he is breaking down barriers, building trust and telling the moving stories of the different communities he works with. Continue reading

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Bash Street Kids meets I Daniel Blake with Jason Wilsher-Mills

With a certain feeling of symmetry and satisfaction, we end the current Square Peg programme where we began, with portraiture in the community. Jason Wilsher-Mills is a Lincolnshire based artist, Continue reading

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Exhibition Takes Club To Another Level

New exhibition marking 150 years of the Black and Whites captures the emotional heart of Hull FC. Located on Humber Street, ‘Going Down the Boulevard’ will be open to the public at KAG Kingston Art Group until the 29th March.  Continue reading

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