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A place to play…

An artist needs a place to play. Last week whilst at the opening of Lou Hazelwood’s new exhibition Intersections  – inside Queens House on Paragon Street until 1st Sept  – the topic of infrastructure for creative progression, or rather the lack of it was raised within the group. Continue reading

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Flesh #3 What came first the taste for performance art or the egg?

As a timid twenty-something I had no clue, as to what lay behind the self-pleasuring rabbit head, slumped against the gallery wall. Nor did I understand the meaning of two characters in camouflage, pulping tomatoes with their chests, till the place smelled like a Bloody Mary at breakfast. Oh performance art how I adore you. You invite weird and wondrous things to seep into our lives and demand nothing but attention… and now, back to the egg. Continue reading

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