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The Itch at Thieving Harry’s – Slice of Rock n Roll Heaven

The Itch 50s/60s Record Hop at Thieving Harry’s, is the place to be in Hull. I experienced my first one Saturday 14th November courtesy of organisers Dan and Mark Richardson from Original Brew .  Playing 50s and 60s rock n roll: it’s the music your parents and your grandparents listened to.  Continue reading

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Behind The Decks With Hull DeeJays

There you are in your bedroom with your finger on the pause button, cutting out all the chat, recording the Top 20…  creating the perfect playlist… maybe you progress to recording vinyl tracks through a stack system… later still you try to blend the sounds.  Continue reading

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Tempest Lays Down Manifesto

katetempestposterAnd on the fourth day they celebrated the word and the word was good. The word was better than good, the word was beautiful and courageous, feisty and commanding. A hundred or more people gathered  and they did listen and they did dance.

Kate Tempest is here tonight on this stage at Fruit in her own headline show doing what she always dreamed of. Everything has been leading up to this point, fifteen years of hard work fighting Rap battles at 16, begging MCs at raves, doing poetry in libraries, cafes, art centres, on the street to anyone who would listen.



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