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City comes out in support of Lil’s Lasses

‘That lass playing Lil Bilocca’s good ‘int she?’ I say. ‘Yeah she is and she’s got all her mannerisms an’ all,’ this comes from a woman who used to see Mrs Bilocca on road.  Continue reading

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Turning The Tide

The 1968 Triple Trawler Tragedy And The Wives’ Campaign For Safety

You think you know the story, perhaps you have seen the model boats in the Maritime Museum or visited the Arctic Corsair.  Maybe you can recite the names… Romanus, Peridot, Cleveland. You may have read the reports in Flashback or heard tales through song and literature. You will almost undoubtedly know the figures: 6000 trawlermen from Hull lost at sea between the mid – 19th century and the end of the fishing industry. Continue reading

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