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The Electric Fence Needs You!

The Electric Fence Needs You: This isn’t just a snappy title, it really does need you, it doesn’t come to life until it has been touched by a human. The Electric Fence an installation work by Annabel McCourt, is to be found inside Hull Minister (formerly Trinity Church) confounding visitors with its monstrous presence. Continue reading


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Get In The Sea For Hull 2017

This morning I awoke to see Hull and the rest of the country all of a flutter about #seaofhull. A launch event at Ferens Art Gallery was held to announce the new Sea of Hull artwork by global artist Spencer Tunick. His previous work has been sited at Sydney Opera House, Montreal, Mexico City and the Dead Sea (pictured) Continue reading

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Freedom Festival A Window On To Hull2017

I began, like many others, inside KAG at the members show enjoying the art on the walls in the familiar surroundings. I made a beeline for KAG because I felt sure there would be people there who I knew. I also hoped there’d be a welcoming glass of vino – which there was. Continue reading

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