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Alien Sex Capsule Changing views of HIV

Never have I felt such a buzz around an Artlink show as there is around Alien Sex Capsule by artist John Walter and for the next six weeks, until Sept 29th, it is here in Hull for Square Peg at Artlink. Continue reading

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The Magical World Of Anna Bean

An ape sporting a bowler hat, regards his surroundings and then invites you sit awhile; perhaps pose for a #monkeyhouse selfie. 

Friday 3rd July saw the launch of new exhibition ‘Welcome Back To The Monkey House‘ by the artist and image maker Anna Bean. During the preview night there was a noticeable warmth, for both art and artist, from the fifty or more gathered inside KAG (Kingston Art Gallery) on Humber Street. Continue reading

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Illustrators Nobody Knows

I remember a couple of illustrations from childhood: firstly the spikey characters of Quentin Blake that peopled Dahl’s wonderful stories. My parents would pass each other the Doonesbury strip and I would peer at the strange figures, wondering what the hell was so funny. As for actually drawing anything myself that resembled, well anything, I never could crack it. I have much admiration for anyone who can make marks, connect lines and make you feel something. There’s a faerie tale book I had as a child and I can still feel the wildness of Baba Yaga’s hair turning into brambles and the quietly menacing skulls, on the gatepost of the witch’s hovel. Continue reading

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