Informative links to client websites and affiliates

DeeList Media

An exciting new media company with an emphasis on delivering high quality content, a professional service at competitive rates. We set up the company to act as a educational resource for undergrad students to hone their journalism skills.

Hull Film

Home of Glimmer International Short Film Festival. An Arts Council funded organisation with charity status that promotes Independent Film through the annual Glimmer Festival (10th anniversary Oct 2012) and a varied program of screenings throughout the year.

Platform Expos

The name for the gaming convention now in its second year, that serves as a platform for gamers, developers, artists, musicians, software/hardware enthusiasts and all forms of new media. Platform Expos is keen to continue to develop close ties with courses in Hull School of Art and Design and Hull University.


Hull’s first hyperlocal news portal sourcing content locally and centrally. Launched in 2010 it is continuing to document the changing face of Hull’s historic Fruitmarket and the creative enterprises on Humber Street and surrounding area.


Community website launched in 2003 to serve as a publishing vehicle for the public to contribute their own content. Now developing Applications for mobile with 4 apps. on the App store; currently developing a new location based App. for the city of Hull.

BBC Local Radio Humberside

Serving listeners in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, bringing local issue led programming interspersed with classic rock and pop music. News bulletins on the hour and live sports broadcasts from local teams.

Hull Daily Mail

Regional daily publication with online blog style website from the Northcliffe stable.

Museum of Club Culture

The first museum in the country solely dedicated to exploring club culture curated by artist Mark ‘Wigan’ Williams and filmmaker Kerry Baldry. Now in it’s second year MofCC holds exhibitions, screenings, speaker events at Nos.10 Humber Street, documenting the vibrancy and diversity of the art, fashion, music of the club scene.

Studio Eleven

Situated at Nos 11 Humber Street dedicated to showing professional art works in a gallery style setting curated by artist Rob Moore and ceramicist Adele Howitt. Studio Eleven also runs workshops from the site and artist residencies using the in-house fully operational studios.


A multipurpose licensed warehouse style venue that serves as a hub for live music bringing touring bands of all genres to the city. Popular with the student population and club goers. Home of Ensemble 52 Theatre Company who stage many of their productions inside the bespoke space. With outdoor and indoor markets being held at weekends and a full program of events to suit everyone.

Slung Low Theatre Company

Innovative theatre company immersing new audiences into vivid narratives that combine technology, audience interaction and real life experience. Slung Low wrote Mapping the City for the city and performed it during an awe inspiring three hour show. Slung Low return to Hull for the Knowledge Emporium in June 2012.


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