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Peppermint Swirl : the sweet name on everyones lips

Peppermint Swirl a sweet retro name –  shades of tangerine trees and marmalade skies – is in fact the name of a new boy/girl duo at the start of their musical journey. A journey that began on Orchard Park specifically St. Michael’s Youth Club, earlier this year, where James Bolt and Ellie Price decided to form a group together after finding a shared passion for Detroit rock duo The White Stripes.  Continue reading

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Wilberforce students channel spirit of Bowie for charity gig

Wednesday evening I trotted off to Polar Bear for a Bowie/Ronson themed, charity event called ‘oh no love you’re not alone’. Continue reading

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Lyricull 2018 : celebrating the best of contemporary British songwriters

Lyricull 2018 Presented By Wrecking Ball Promotions took place 12/15 April at Hull Central Library, where audiences were treated to a stellar line-up: the sparkling Suzi Quatro, a sardonic Chris Difford; a game Glen Matlock and the terrific Kevin Armstrong: with  author/poet Russ Litten playing the role of Parky. Continue reading

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Make a date for An Audience With the Girlfriends in May

Formed in 1965, Mandy and the Girlfriends are famed for being the first all-female, rock n roll group in the UK. In May ‘the Girlfriends’ are reforming for one final time, for a very special An Audience With the Girlfriends at the popular Kardomah 94 venue, in their hometown of Hull.

girlfriends and Geri

L to R Merle, Hilary, Lynda, Lesley, Geri, Karen at East Riding Theatre Beverley

In October 2017 the Hull group appeared on The One Show with Geri Horner, when the former Spice Girl met the group and celebrated their unique place in British Music History.


Original group members Hilary, Merle, Karen, Lynda and Lesley will be back together playing live, sharing stories and answering questions about how they blazed a trail across Europe, at the height of rock n roll.

The Girlfriends will be joined on stage with cast members of Different For Girls – the musical inspired by Mandy and The Girlfriends – as She Productions the all-female company behind the hit show, announce the musical’s forthcoming U.K tour.   

Where: Kardomah94, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull

When: 18th & 19th May

Start time: 7:30pm

Tickets: £7.00 ( reserved or bought on the door)

Tel: 01482 317941

Event on venue website:


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the Cult of Bunkerpop loves You

Bunkerpop do not pander to the masses with boring ballads on break ups, or spout kidult rock citing uber cool pop . Bunkerpop are hairy frontman Paul ‘I was in Fonda you know’ Sarel; ‘Jonathan Schoolgirl’ from Hull’s infamous bedroom Diy-ers The Schoolgirls; ‘Bliss’ of Baby Mammoth fame; Trevor ‘The Reverend’ off of Easy Skankin; ‘Carlos’ from Fire the Unstoppable Force. 


Bunkerpop @ Hull’s New Adelphi Club

The out-there music has vocals of a sort, beats in the form of drums and congas and retro crunchy synths…  provoking, last Friday at Freak Scene, the much repeated phrase ‘It’s like robots,’ from Sarel, to which the audience roar back ‘INNIT!’ and unfathomably shouts of ‘Akela!’


Picture by Codhead Films

Calls of ‘Kiss your brother, hug your sister...’ results in complete strangers turning and embracing each other, like some mass sixties love-in.

If you haven’t seen Bunkerpop live… you haven’t lived. 

The band demands audience participation, crumbling the space between audience and band like a sweaty cheese. Bunkerpop have a penchant for costume, particularly white paper CSI suits. Uniformly retained from previous musical incarnate HOTMIM… they [HOTMIM] included at any given time the Arc of Noise; a miscreant bunch of varying musical ability, who could deliver bloodcurdling wolf cries and off-kilter choruses as and when required.


Crowds cheer on Bunkerpop leader

Someone wrote Bunkerpop are ‘purveyors of Krautrock’: they are, if that describes extended improv sets – no MUCH longer than that – in notable keys such as G and F Sharp to wave upon rolling wave of shamanic beats. Bunkerpop build an infectious groove with the power to transform the most reticent, standoffish audience member, making them giddy as a gadfly. Many are wearing white plastic butcher’s aprons torn from a hastily acquired roll, after the paper suit fairy fails to materialise. The mic gets passed around, the drink gets passed around, a decapitated polar bear’s head gets passed around… and all are initiated into the bizarre Cult of Bunkerpop.


Picture: Codhead Films

Other aspects of the live experience involve bare flesh, escaping the stage at every opportunity, interfering with the audience, inducing mass hysteria and haunch dropping: the audience become mesmerised like the unwitting children of Hamlyn.

I don’t remember any actual songs…. I thought they were from out of town…. they’ve been at it for hours…’ just a few of the comments overheard at the mammoth gig last weekend.


Bunkerpop New Years Eve 2017 @ Pave

I’m told Bunkerpop did combine their cabal of nonsense, with contemporary dance at New Year, to make merry mayhem in a bar on Princes Ave.

Anyone might find themselves in BunkerPop as I found out, when the topless, bearded bandleader announced that they were trialling a novel idea, where the audience play the instruments so they can all take a break. Sarel handed me the guitar – they are heavier than they look- and disappeared for the umpteenth time into the crowd. I strummed the strings with an incredulous look and hoped to God he’d hurry back. Lucky for me, that debut on guitar and all the action on and off stage, was captured by Codhead Films. (Watch this space for Bunkerpop coming to the small screen in 2019)

MICH two

L to R Jonathan, Carlos, Trev Picture: Codhead Films


album cover design

Bunkerpop have an album coming out in 2018 after a successful crowd-funding campaign, tail end of last year. Thanks to all those who donated, the band have announced a plan to release a Double Vinyl album this Summer.

There’s mention of a festival too with no line up, or date: a kind of metaphysical event that will take place inside your mind, or at the Adelphi whichever is available that month.

Listen to Bunkerpop

Make friends with Bunkerpop

Tweet at Bunkerpop

Bunkerpop YouTube Channel

Images by Codhead Films and by permission from soc. media

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Dave Cardo on ThisisUll

I just couldn’t believe it when I heard that Dave ‘Cardo’ Sinclair had passed away so suddenly earlier this month. How could it be? I saw tweets and posts online R.I.P. Cardo… the stunned posts shared by his friends online. I read a very emotional tribute by DJ Mark Page recalling the years Dave encouraged crowds to riot, giving promoters, sound engineers and venue owners everywhere nightmares.    Continue reading

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Helen McCookerybook: post punk fave returns to the city for Furleys show

Helen McCookerybook (The Chefs, Helen and the Horns) was a favourite of John Peel and the last time she played in the city, her ‘weirdo band’ shared the bill with The Housemartins at Spring Street Theatre. Tonight her support comes from another weird homegrown act, the zany, avant-garden that is Graham Graham Beck.    Continue reading

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Seattle’s Finest Thunderpussy Return to Hull

‘Now we know why Jimi did it this way’

Rock n roll history is made in dive bars when no-ones looking. So it was at O’Rileys Monday night last November, when Seattle’s hottest band Thunderpussy chose to kick off their first-ever UK tour in Hull. Named best rock band in 2015 by Seattle and on a high after causing a storm at Air Waves Music Festival in Reykjavik a few nights before,  the all-girl rock group gave the crowd in Hull a night to remember. The debut single ‘Vicious Noose’ featuring Mike McCready from Peal Jam on guitar, was released on May 8 and now the most exciting thing that has graced the rock n roll stage in years, make a welcome return this Saturday. Continue reading

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Pauline Black – Jagger looked like a black man

With ‘Art Comes First’ emblazoned on the back of her jacket, Pauline Black from British ska revival band The Selecter sets out her stall early with a line about Obama being a black guy in the White house. “What do they have to do to be taken seriously?” she asks. Pauline wearing one of her trademark hats, describes racism as existing like a chill in the air… Continue reading

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Viv Albertine – Orrible girls in black plastic bags with balls

“There are very few genuine heroines in the music scene,” says Mike sat next to me in the Central Library as we wait for the legendary Viv Albertine to join us at Lyricull. “She was loud and very real,” I think he has a soft spot for her, just hours before he had been in hospital desperately waiting for the all clear, so he didn’t miss seeing Viv in Hull. Continue reading

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