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Third BBC Contains Strong Language festival takes place in Hull September 27th-29th 2019. Tickets for BBC Contains Strong Language are available to book via Hull Truck’s website from Friday 23rd August at 10am. Most events are completely Free!  Continue reading

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Costume of Dreams at Feral Art School

Costume of Dreams. Explore imaginary worlds through costume, installation and photography read the blurb. How could I resist? I don’t need much of an excuse to dress up as someone else for the day. The someone else in this case was drawn from the notion of ‘alternative self’. This might mean someone who you aspire to be, an aspect of your personality, a body part that you wished to transform and/or celebrate, or something from your inner world, a you from your dreams. Continue reading

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“Listen to me! Voice in the poetry performance space” by Dr. Karen Simecek

Yesterday evening I attended a talk on Poetry at Hull University by Teaching Fellow Dr. Karen Simecek from Warwick University. The event organised by the Philosophical Dept introduced by Professor Nick Zangwill, at Hull University. The event was described as follows:


“Listen to me! The value of voice in the poetry performance space”

What happens when words are spoken/performed by another? When does this enable different voices and perspectives to be heard? When might such performance of words have a silencing effect? 

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OUTing The Past 2019 at Leeds City Museum

OUTing The Past is an international event series celebrating LGBT+ history, presented by Schools Out UK. In February 2019 during LGBT History Month OUTing The Past held a one-day conference in its newest Hub city of Leeds. The speaker-led event held in the Thoresby Room of Leeds City Museum joined a wide programme of public events, conferences and creative interventions, spanning the U.K. the U.S. and Scandinavia throughout February and March.  Continue reading

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Scottish Colourists at home in Hull

I don’t know the Scottish Colourists. I have heard the name. I am aware that they were painters, but I’d have been hard-pressed to tell you any more, before last Thursday’s launch of Scottish Colourists from the Fleming Collection.  The new exhibition inside the Brynmoor Jones Library runs from  25 May – 15 July 2018 at Hull University.  Continue reading

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Wilberforce students channel spirit of Bowie for charity gig

Wednesday evening I trotted off to Polar Bear for a Bowie/Ronson themed, charity event called ‘oh no love you’re not alone’. Continue reading

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Trans by Trigger Press: a unique approach to understanding gender identity

Transgender is everywhere: trans stories in popular drama, trans politics debated in news stories, trans in the workplace sending HR departments into a spin, questions surrounding health outcomes accompanying campaigns for visibility, equality and awareness, all of which feed into an evolving view of gender and gender identity in society. Continue reading

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#SlowDeath of Hull School of Art and Design

Ever since I graduated in 2012, the threat of redundancies has hung over the staff at Hull School of Art and Design, like the blade of a guillotine. With the announcement made earlier this month by Hull College Group, that 231 jobs were to be lost under the guise of ‘rebuilding’, management have now dealt staff the cruelest blow yet. Continue reading

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The Dyslexia Portrait for Square Peg

‘I was told I was stupid… I was told I didn’t work hard enough, that I was lazy… I was made to feel less… that I’d never amount to much in life…’ just a few examples of the kind of experiences participants in The Dyslexia Portrait had to endure. Continue reading

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A place to play…

An artist needs a place to play. Last week whilst at the opening of Lou Hazelwood’s new exhibition Intersections  – inside Queens House on Paragon Street until 1st Sept  – the topic of infrastructure for creative progression, or rather the lack of it was raised within the group. Continue reading

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