Swell by Camilla Bliss launches at 87 Gallery

87 Gallery is pleased to present SWELL, an exhibition by artist, Camilla Bliss. Curator Becky Gee says, “Camilla is the first artist we have commissioned for 87 Gallery, and we’re really excited to bring her new body of work to Hull.”

SWELL is part of a long-term exhibition programme established over the past year. The launch coincides with the opening of 87 Gallery’s newly renovated Gallery, Studio, and Shop space at 87 Princes Avenue.

We invite you to attend the special launch event from 6-8 PM on Friday, 25 June. Following the launch, opening hours are Thursday to Saturday, 10 am – 4.30 pm. Young people aged 7-16 can also get involved with this exhibition in a hands-on way through 87 Gallery Explorers, where they can meet the curator, interact with the work, learn new processes with artists.

Further information: www.87gallery.co.uk | @weareat87 | #87Swell


SWELL is a new body of work that uses water as a metaphor for the psyche, a trope found in ancient mythology and the theory of Carl Jung. Drawing on nautical communication methods, the work references navigation buoys and maritime signal flags. Within each sculpture rests a manifestation of the Siren, a creature known for their powers of seduction and destruction. Bliss uses these sources to comment on the ways in which communication can fail, presenting uncertainties. The work also references the fluid way in which we navigate life, constantly changing, evolving and dissolving, searching for meaning.

About Camilla Bliss

Camilla Bliss (b. 1989) is an artist who primarily works in sculpture. Although her ideas can be crystallised through digital manipulation, her work places importance on handmade processes and qualities. In this way she utilises a wide range of materials such as ceramics, metalwork, glass, wood, textiles and 3D printing.

Through her practice she draws inspiration from motifs found in historical craftsmanship, myth and folklore to communicate ideas about the modern world. Bliss does this through the use of a personal language of symbols which can be interpreted differently by each person who encoun- ters it. Playful decisions around colour, material and form allow Bliss to make specific cultural connections, whilst taking the viewer on a personal and potentially ambiguous journey.

About 87 Gallery

87 Gallery offers development opportunites for artists such as residencies, exchanges, public engagement, mentoring, networking, training, bursaries, sales platforms and exhibition space.

In conjunction with an exhibition programme featuring works by local, national, and international artists, 87 Gallery offers a parallel programme of activities such as Explorers, creative workshops, and artist talks to the public. We encourage everyone to interpret and explore contemporary arts.

“At 87 Gallery we champion a diverse group of artists in their journey of exploring, making, and exhibiting work, and we believe the process is equally important to the finished outcome. We work with artists to develop bespoke support packages tailored to their needs and goals, and we welcome enquiries from artists inclusive of all practices, art-forms, career stages, locations and demographics. We are passionate advocates of creative expression and visual culture, and we open our doors for everyone to experience and enjoy this.”

Further information: http://www.87gallery.co.uk | @weareat87 | #87Swell

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