Virus v Vaccine

Received my letter Feb 10 inviting me to book my vaccine. Turns out I was in the first four groups, due to my being considered clinically vulnerable, according to the JCVI. Went online on the NHS website and booked both my first and second jab each to be administered at Hull City Hall.

Oxford AstraZeneca

Exactly two hours after my shot I feel fine, my arm is beginning to ache near the site of the injection but nothing too concerning. The process tonight was very good, very smooth and rapid. I was in and out within twenty five minutes. I was directed by volunteers to a number of check-in desks where I offered up my details and my registration number and then I sat in the middle of Hull City Hall, just where the audience would be for a concert. There were two or thee others waiting on chairs all distanced. I saw them go into one of the cubicles to my left and then it was my turn. A fit soldier in uniform called Kyle asked for my phone number and my address – that was a bit of a turn up for the books – and then a nurse called Kate asked me a few more questions about my medical status, and then it was time.

I can assure you it didn’t hurt. I don’t like needles, even though I have a blood test once a month and have self-injecting regime for my anti inflammatories, I still don’t like needles. It was so quick and easy and much less painful than a blood test. So don’t be scared of it, you will be fine. word to the wise wear a sleeveless top if you can, it makes things far more easy for the nurse. Kate told me she has people coming in with all manner of clothing that means its more difficult to get to the top of the arm, so yeah go sleeveless if at all possible: but a jacket on over the top of course. I came home and had beans on toast for tea.

I’ll let you know of any further developments, any side effects, or if I feel a bit fluey which can happen, and also whether I start transmitting 5G from my bum. It’s one step closer to being able to see my friends, maybe see a show, maybe have a dance, maybe have a hug.

Oh and it was the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine that I had.

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