Lockdown Art

Day Eighty-six: Bit of a stop gap and some new news, but first please take a moment to admire all the work I have made in lockdown at Bluebeany’s Art Club. And look I have a wonderful award. I think that award category could be stretched to cover most of my career as a creative.  Enjoy the slideshow:

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One of these art works is winging its way to Leeds, to take pride of place on the plinth at the Flask Gallery courtesy of artist/curator Alice Bradshaw. This is a very exciting development and one that I can only imagine happening by way of the unknowable nature of pandemic.

Right now you can see artist Tania Robertson’s ‘rock and roll’  by clicking on Flask Gallery on Facebook from 8 – 21 June.  https://www.facebook.com/flaskgallery/

This is the moment I realise that if this is the standalone post, where all the art is collected together, and that could be added to if we do more lockdown art prompts… I will have to do a whole new Day Eighty-six which wasn’t in the script. I will sort this but not now… now it is late and I have just found an errant bag of crisps and I am rejoicing in the flavour of pub snacks. If it wasn’t so late I’d open a bottle of beer and wallow in nostalgia. I have been wondering how it will be for the shielded when the vast majority go back to socially distanced drinking and shopping in unnecessary shops. Is this where the pandemic will really start to bite, where we have a race of insiders and outsiders, Morlocks and Eloi… perhaps it is on these lines where society divides yet further than it is already.   

Here’s my Unholy Foley for Spooky week.



Best laid plans…

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