Peppermint Swirl : the sweet name on everyones lips

Peppermint Swirl a sweet retro name –  shades of tangerine trees and marmalade skies – is in fact the name of a new boy/girl duo at the start of their musical journey. A journey that began on Orchard Park specifically St. Michael’s Youth Club, earlier this year, where James Bolt and Ellie Price decided to form a group together after finding a shared passion for Detroit rock duo The White Stripes. 


Peppermint Swirl photo-shoot Humber Street

James is already an accomplished guitarist, he coveted the Fender Stratocaster kept in the family home for years without ever being allowed to pick it up, until finally receiving his first guitar, a cheap acoustic, in his early teens.

Listening to touchstone rock acts Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Muse, plus the garage rock of the White Stripes, as well as Soul and Motown has given his own sound an eclectic edge. He copied riffs from his heroes and learned to play intuitively. Seven years on he has developed and refined his playing style, and coupled it with a singular vocal quality. The result is a very watchable performer boasting stage presence and dynamic attack.   

Ellie on the other hand joined James as a drummer, earlier this year after trying out the drums for the first time. The support and opportunities offered by the 9 Volt Youth Music Project, at St Michael’s Youth Club, was the key to them both exploring the possibility of creating a band together. Quickly the two young musicians formed a partnership and set themselves up as a White Stripes tribute act, playing a number of charity shows in the local area.

“The supportive community around 9 Volt Youth Music Project helps to get your music out into the world.” Ellie Price


Live @ 9 Bolt Music Project Adelphi Club Hull Picture: Josh Elliott @joshuaelliottphotography

Peppermint Swirl made their debut in July this year before playing at the live launch of 9 Volt Music Project showcase event at Hull’s Adelphi Club, organised by Bunker Pop front man Paul Sarel. Previously the ex-Fonda 500 guitarist has worked his magic on the training grounds using football as a tool to connect with disenfranchised youths, now it is the power of music participation providing that spark of inspiration.

“The 9 Volt Youth Music Project aims to give young people aged 16-25 an opportunity to create music, art, film or any other creative activity by using music as a tool to engage and make positive social connections whilst learning through performance, practice and recordings to take the 1st steps into a personal music journey…” Paul Sarel @smyphull

There has been a buzz around this band for a few months, the catchy band name, which actually refers to Meg White’s favourite candy, keeps popping up in conversation on and offline. The buzz around the band continued to grow right up until the Adelphi showcase where on a Sunday night 23rd September, in front of an audience of peers, friends, family and 9 Volt organisers Peppermint Swirl delivered on that early promise, with a stylish set of original material and White Stripes standards catching the eye of this cynical old music fan.

With plans to record their first EP with new original songs The Water isn’t Water and Good Against Evil, Peppermint Swirl are definitely worth looking out for.

James is currently in his second year of a  BTEC in Music Performance at Hull College.

Ellie is a first year Level 3 Performing Arts student also at Hull College.


Live @ 9 Bolt Music Project Adelphi Hull Picture: Josh Elliot @joshuaelliottphotography

Band Update Oct 23rd:

“We have had our first recording session and we’re so happy to announce that our original songs will soon be mixed, mastered and uploaded to Spotify.      Find all the latest updates on Facebook Peppermint Swirl

 Instagram @peppermintswirl_theband Follow on Twitter @pswirltheband 


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