1 to 1 Clinic Tents to Tech Research at St. Stephens Dementia Event

Clinic Tents. Research. The Butterflies Scheme and more…The family event organised by Hull’s Dementia Collaborative on 9 Aug 10 – 3pm at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre will host a busy hive of health-focused information stalls, highlighting services and sources of support available locally.

In addition to the information stalls there will be Clinic Tents, opportunities to sign up for vital research programmes and other health initiatives on show such as the Butterflies Scheme for hospital in-patients. 

37352114_10160866828940195_5267265668960485376_nOne to One Clinic Tents

There will be TWO Clinic Tents where visitors will be able to see demos and presentations from various stall holders. Crucially visitors will be able to receive information about support and services, ask questions, raise concerns in a private setting.

Where will the Clinic Tents be situated? 

Two Clinic Tents near Krispy Kreme

How will it work?

•The private clinic areas will be available for the duration of the event (10am – 3pm)

Each Clinic Tent will be equipped with a desk area and chairs

Clinic Tents provide stall holders with an opportunity to speak privately with people who attend the event


Butterflies Scheme in Hospital 

John’s Campaign led to a scheme to support hospital in-patients who have memory problems or a dementia diagnosis. The corresponding Butterflies Scheme was introduced at Hull and East Yorks. Hospitals in Jan 2013.

  1. At-a-glance discreet identification via the Butterfly symbol is available for hospital patients who have dementia-related memory impairment and wish staff to be aware of it
  2. All staff who interact with patients are trained to offer a specific five-point targeted response
  3. The Butterfly alerts all staff to the existence of an easy-to-use carer sheet

Families and carers can also help by making loved ones’ stay more comfortable and safe by providing familiar objects, such as photographs and toiletry bags to encourage the same routines in hospital as at home.


Healthwatch Hull is the independent consumer champion for Health and Social Care in Hull.

We can provide people with information, advice and support about accessing local Health and Social Care services.

We listen to the experiences of service users, their relatives and carers and feed those experiences back to the people that provide, commission and regulate services to help improve the patient experience.

We also offer a free, impartial complaints advocacy service if anyone wishes to make a complaint about NHS services.


Hull University Research Department using digital technology research programmes to better understand dementia


Trainee Clinical Psychologist Laura Sweeney’s research looks at how psychosocial interventions and approaches can help support individuals living with dementia and their families through the use of digital technology and the creation of life stories. Book of You



CAREGIVERS-PRO is a new website that is full of useful information and resources about memory problems and dementia. It will be a way to talk to other people living with memory problems and other caregivers to share ideas and tips. Overall they hope that the website will provide ongoing support to people after a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment and help to make life easier. The research is being carried out across Europe in Spain, Italy and France. Hull is the only UK site for this study. The research is being organised by the University of Hull and Humber NHS Foundation Trust.



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