The Herbert Protocol at A Grand Day Out

Do you have a friend or relative who is elderly, dealing with dementia or has other mental health issues which can leave them confused, lost or disorientated?

On August 9 visitors to St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre Hull will be able to learn more about The Herbert Protocol a national initiative, to help keep vulnerable people safe at ‘A Grand Day Out’ a family event organised by Hull Dementia Collaborative. 

herbert protocol

Nothing is more worrying or distressing than if someone you care about goes missing or doesn’t return home when expected – and for people living with or caring for someone with dementia or other mental health conditions, this may be quite a common occurrence.

By adopting The Herbert Protocol the emergency services can help locate missing people and get them home safely as quickly as possible – particularly when they are vulnerable.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which encourages carers, families, friends or neighbours, to print out and fill in a form with as much detail as possible, then keep it somewhere safe – along with a recent photo.

That way, if the worst does happen, you can give officers all the information they need to start the search straight away – and you don’t have to think about significant dates or places when you’re worried and upset:

Often missing people head for locations or try to find people who mean a lot to them, so having details of these people and places written down in case of emergency can really help us to speed up our search.

  • Print out and complete the form as soon as possible. Print out the form
  • If a relative or friend goes missing, call us on 999, tell us you have completed a Herbert Protocol form and make sure you have it to hand.
  • Keep the completed form in a safe but prominent position where you can find it quickly.  We will only ask for it if the person it refers to has been reported missing.
  • If you don’t understand some of the terms on the form – don’t worry, just complete as much as you can.
  • We will use the information to help find the missing person. It will be stored securely and only shared with other agencies if there is a need to safeguard someone.

Find out more The Herbert Protocol:


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