Robins and Black & Whites Unite for Dementia Awareness

Hull Dementia Collaborative Present A Grand Day Out: On 9th August the two famous Hull rugby league teams will put their rivalry aside to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise at A Grand Day Out presented by Hull Dementia Collaborative at St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre.

The ‘Airlie Bird’ and ‘Rufus the Robin’ mascots from both teams, will be supporting the aim of making Hull a dementia active city.

‘Benefitting both physical and mental health, regular exercise training and physical activity has been claimed to have a “significant impact on the wellbeing of people with Dementia’ Alzheimer’s Society


  • 11am Food for Thought Demonstration with Hull KR Community Trust
  • Current players from Hull KR and Hull FC dropping in to inspire the healthy lifestyle message
  • Visits from the ‘Airlie Bird’ and ‘Rufus the Robin’

Trust-logo-2Working in conjunction Connect Well Hull and Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust have developed the Food for Thought project. The project combines physical activity sessions and a nutrition programme to encourage everyone to increase their participation in physical activity, and make healthier choices about their diet and lifestyle.  More details about the Hull KR/Connect Well Hull sessions:




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3 responses to “Robins and Black & Whites Unite for Dementia Awareness

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  2. Steven Calver

    Michelle it was good to read your articles. They have helped to widen the audience and hopefully create even more interest. By adding your expertise it can only enhance the event

    As part is the D.A.Alliance and a Dementia Champion l know the how important sharing the information is. The day will be a platform to share lots of useful information and opportunities to a reach a rich mixture of people. While at the same time offering everyone a great fun and enjoyable day.

    May see you on the day.


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    • Thank you Steven it is good to know that the word is getting out to key people who can then pass the information on further. be good to talk further on the day how we can improve communication channels. Please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.


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