Exclusive: Unseen Beings Spotted in Hull!

This colourful quintet were spotted shuffling across the footbridge next to C4Di during the afternoon of Friday 20 July. They were visible for over an hour and could be seen quite clearly on the footbridge and down inside the amphitheatre known as Stage@the Dock.  Staff members working inside the technology hub stopped what they were doing and stared out of their office windows at the strange beings. 


‘Seen waving’

The ‘beings’ proceeded to arrange themselves in different shapes and patterns much to the delight of onlookers. At times they appeared to be communicating with each other with a series of movements and otherworldly gestures.

Small children were heard to shriek with delight, and giggle at the strange creatures as they passed.

Reports from witnesses:

‘I don’t know what they are, do you?’  ‘Look that one appears to be waving…’

‘There’s something rather creepy about them but I like the vibrant colours..’ 

 ‘I’m no expert but I think they could be from out of space Or maybe it is something to do with all the festivals that happen around here.’

37702938_10156604403004772_8542472304276275200_n #UnseenBeings 

NEWS FLASH! Unseen Beings rumoured to be making an appearance this Saturday at the Drum Circle BBQ on Park Street.  For more information see:

  HACA Drum Circle BBQ






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