Dance… it is cheaper than therapy : Adult Contemporary Dance Class in Hull

An adult contemporary dance class with a difference, taking place every Tuesday night in Hull. People of all abilities are welcomed. Within the current group we have complete beginners, dancers trying out a new class; people who used to dance when they were younger, but haven’t danced for a while… 

We can’t wait to get back in the studio on Tuesday night after our Easter break! Here’s a clip from a few weeks back of some of our lovely dancers. New starters always welcome, class is 6.30 – 8.00 at Hull College’s Horncastle every Tuesday night…

Who is it for?

The class is run by two award-winning professionally trained dancers Tamar Draper dancer/choreographer – twice Hull Dance Prize Winner and Jo Ashbridge dancer/choreographer Turn Prize Winner. Between them they have over fifteen years of dancing experience.

Jo and Tamar have warm engaging personalities and accessible teaching styles, with an emphasis on creating a warm atmosphere with inclusion and fun at its heart.

Locally there has been an increased interest in dance, through a number of highly publicised performances and community dance projects. The class welcomes adults of all age, gender, body type and ability: current ages range from early twenties to fifties.

What does a class look like?

A typical class will begin and close with a thorough warm up and warm down, that can be adapted for different abilities and different moods and needs. New phrases are taught, step by step, broken right down and delivered in such a way, as to give everyone the chance to feel confident about the movement.

The music choice is eclectic from Creep by Radiohead, The Pot is on Fire by Ibibio Sound Machine to Coldplay and Talking Heads plus some more ambient stuff for reflection and stillness.


Pic: Ruby Deverell 

Within these sessions recognisable bits of technique are taught, classic tenets of dance such as first and second position: not so much toe pointing, more leg and foot extensions.

With the phrases and steps more or less falling into place, music is added and the class find their way: then with the music and steps in mind we dance. Each session can have two or three different dances on the go, with brand new material and music added every few weeks, to keep the classes fresh and allow for new people to join the group at any time.

Dancing is good for you

Not a day goes by without more evidence reasserting the health benefits of dance, not just physical health but mental wellbeing too. As well as the benefits of dance there can be health concerns, worries about dancing with pre-existing conditions. Any health concerns and complaints like having bad knees, are identified and catered for before and throughout the session.

There is no pressure to undertake all the phrases, it is really about having a go and finding your own way and what feels comfortable to you. Alternatives can and will be found for those who might find particular movements difficult.

There is also scope and opportunity for more detailed choreography within the session incl floor work, for those people wishing to challenge themselves more.

Feedback from the class:

“I took part in some of the community dance stuff in 2017 and found I really missed not dancing. I can’t quite put my finger on it but attending class has just made me feel better in myself somehow.”

“I had a great experience at my first class! Left feeling uplifted and energised. I have some knee problems, and the teachers are very accommodating. I was able to go at my own pace, and so felt more able to push myself. Walked out with a big smile on my face. Thanks Jo and Tamar, I’ll be back!”

“This is my weekly treat. I love this class so much, everyone is really friendly. The teachers are fantastic.”

The classes are priced at £5 – £3 (for students) per session and fees are paid at the end of each session.

Classes begin at 6.30pm – 8pm each Tuesday (next 10 April) in the upstairs dance studio inside Horncastle Building at Hull College

Weekly updates:

(parking available)

Dance. It’s cheaper than therapy….


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