Hull’s Women of Words celebrate 2nd Birthday

Popular daytime literary event Women of Words, celebrated their 2nd birthday in April, with a packed audience at Kardomah94 eager to hear guest performers Gill Lambert from Shipton/Keighley way and Polly Pattison from Hull.


packed audience for Women of Words 2nd Birthday

Women Of Words is a monthly spoken word event providing a platform for the female voice. We believe it’s really important that women have spaces where they can find their own voices, define themselves through creativity and the sharing of ideas. We believe that sharing words is one of the most powerful ways to do this – so that’s what we invite you to come and do!

Vicky Foster hosting the afternoon, opened the show with her poem that has been heard right across the BBC in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. She follows that up with another commissioned piece  exploring the life of Dr. Mary Murdoch, a pioneering suffragist who lived and campaigned from her surgery on Beverley Road in the 1900s.

This month our open mic performers shone the light on certain girls, the girl universal, histories revealed and re-invented in the imperfection of perfection and a gag by Doddy. Snotty Totty, a monologue skewering the upper-class was an absolute hoot. Not at all funny, a short story about the state of isolation and alienation living out your last days in a home. Secret lives locked in a box, the sweep of the Argentine Tango, a dino poem for children and the promise of puffins. Congrats Valerie Pate on your London book launch. A poem about the love of making, a story about speed-dating, a verbose on purpose, well-versed ode to linguistic form lands on the last line and a breathtaking lesson in space and time.

Polly Pattison showed us wartime Hull, through the trove of letters she discovered written between her parents during WWII. The letters give us a glimpse of the war as those back in Blighty might have experienced it: through letters home: radio broadcasts and newspaper clippings detailing action, raids in far-flung places with exotic sounding names… Training on HMS Ganges before joining HMS Dido for action in Eritrea,  raids on Tunis, Crete and Malta. All the while the Hull navy lad on board, longs for a pint of Parkers in the Three Tuns back home.


Gill Lambert at Women of Words Hull

Gill Lambert (Shaken in Sheeptown, Word Club Leeds poetry n chips) was the second of today’s guest performers she opened her set with a poem for her 13 year old daughter. K-Town hails the importance of looking up as Gill re-traces her steps around Keighley. There’s sad news, news to change a life, delivered on washing day, births not going to plan and a torn photograph, that spans a generation.

The former Leeds Trinity Graduate won the Open Mic event at Ilkley Literature Festival in 2016 with ‘Billy’s Back’ an emotive poem about her soldier son’s return from Afghanistan. The poem Repatriation which followed is a record of minutiae and memories: a list poem that makes up a life. Gill has a pamphlet called ‘Uninvited Guests’ published by Indigo Dreams Publishing.

Join us next month Wednesday May 2nd 2 – 4pm for another afternoon of Women of Words. Find us online  Follow on Facebook and Twitter




“In the break I learned my friendly stalker had passed away at the end of last year. I’d see her everywhere I went, in galleries, at openings, exhibitions and shows – she came to Women of Words I’m sure – she’d be there a tiny woman, always with a backpack. I remember dancing enthusiastically with her in various places over the past years. To this outgoing woman who I barely knew, but who was always there… I’m sorry you’ve gone Jean I’ll miss you.”

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