Sorted Spaces and DropPoint: declutter chez moi

Just got back from taking a huge bag of dead batteries back to my local Sainsbury’s they have a receptacle in the doorway, for you to deposit them into for recycling. Proof positive that the recent decluttering spree inspired by two visits by Evy Kimberley of Sorted Spaces is continuing. 


Before : After

I work with people as a consultant and an extra pair of hands to help create home and work environments that are not only functional, but are a pleasure to be in.

My process is based on the KonMari Method with aspects of Minimalism. Utilising practical storage solutions, recycling and decoration are a means to make an inviting space, whoever you are, whatever your style.

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I am a bit of a hoarder and a collector: a bad combination if you long for clear surfaces, less clutter, an ability to find things. I wasn’t sure about embarking on this declutter malarkey but after things, sometimes important things, began getting lost in my flat, I thought it was high time I re-evaluated my living space.


I wasn’t sure about embarking on this declutter malarkey but after things, sometimes important things, began getting lost in my flat I thought it was high time I re-evaluated my living space.

The results of having Evy to guide me through the process have been amazing. During the declutter I found things I thought I’d lost, learned how to view my possessions differently and crucially how to throw things away.

I have twenty years worth of things – things I was holding on to, for no good reason. Evy helped me to let go of the past and look forward to the future.

So maybe I won’t have decades of material, for my retrospective at MIMA when I eventually become a famous artist, but I will have a space that I can enjoy and also have people around without feeling like I have to apologise.

And I now have a neat and tidy environment to to work in too, with my workspace reorganised. 

29388324_10155926015040935_2059971649234534400_oIt was really difficult at first but I managed to get rid of some books, some scarfs, some other clothes that I don’t/won’t wear again. I sat and went through piles of old paperwork going back a decade or more, again using Evy’s method and supportive approach to rethinking all this stuff, I found I could let go off things I had held on to for years.

There was a bunch of old electrical goods that had been sitting gathering dust, awaiting a repair or some extra component, that never materialised.

With DropPoint’s help I was able to pass on my unwanted items to groups and organisations that were in need of them or could make use of them.

Watch Video Here! footage by Ruby Deverell

Science says: sharing the wealth is good for your health.
Step into Spring with a smile on your face and a sorted home space. There’s nothing like a big clear out to calm your mind. Let DropPoint help you purge your unwanted possessions responsibly for positive change in the community, environment and your own sense of wellbeing. One person’s trash is a charity or community groups treasure.

DropPoint is a registered community interest company created April 2017. They signpost places that can accept donations building a database of information for charities and non-profit organisations… Read Full Story Here 


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