Dave Cardo on ThisisUll

I just couldn’t believe it when I heard that Dave ‘Cardo’ Sinclair had passed away so suddenly earlier this month. How could it be? I saw tweets and posts online R.I.P. Cardo… the stunned posts shared by his friends online. I read a very emotional tribute by DJ Mark Page recalling the years Dave encouraged crowds to riot, giving promoters, sound engineers and venue owners everywhere nightmares.   

Like so many of the city’s bands from the noughties Dave and his band GST Cardinals appeared on community website ThisisUll.com. Below: Cilla and I have gathered together a few of the best pictures from the GST years . On stage he was a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, off stage he was a really lovely-natured guy, generous of spirit with warmth and humility, coupled with a wicked sense of humour.


04 June 05 Adelphi Club

Cilla said she remembered Dave Sinclair as being one of the few people from the bands, who always greeted her with a grin and actually took timeout to sit and have a chat. It is thanks to Cilla and her hours spent trawling the site images archive, that we can share these pictures and memories with you. Our thoughts and prayers go to Dave’s family, friends, his fellow bandmates and all the fans of both GST Cardinals and later band Mother. I struggle just like everyone else is doing, to understand just how such a force of nature has left us.



24 Dec 2005 GST Cardinals played our Xmas Gig at Ringpiece


24 Dec 05 Ringside Pub


22 Aug 06 Sesh Linnet & Lark


Sept 1 2007 East Park Rocks Hull

From site review: All around me a big crowd grows, all chanting GST, GST, GST louder and louder…. Along with everyone going mental to great tunes like Class A and All that you know, there was the whisky incident and the copper trying to arrest Dave for getting off the stage to get a light for a cig…

01sep07East Park Rocks002a

01sep07East Park Rocks003Sleep Alone might have become Locked Up for the passionate Sinny ‘I don’t wanna spend a night in cells,’ he yells triumphantly (after persuading the officers to let them finish the set) ‘I gotta go home, me mam’s cooking me tea…’

01sep07East Park Rocks006

01sep07East Park Rocks005


Enter a caption

Battle of the Bands 2007

(improv poetry written live as the band played)

Tables moved out of the way as GST play “Class A”

Front man Dave wants his band’s free beer,

He’ll get it later have no fear.

The kids get a taste of the microphone

Bellowing out “all that you know”

Standing on speakers wearing Ray Ribeiro’s cap

Not cap in hand, they couldn’t care about the grand.

Tight strides moving in dizzy circles

hand on ceiling. Mini GST mosh pit

swell and surging, God save the crowd.

Cardinals one drink between them as lager thrown

three feet ,and drenches those dancing there,

faces in the window stop and stare

inside, “we’re on a one-way trip to nowhere.”





26 March 2009 GST at Kick Out The Jams at Nags Head





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