Text from Into The Light LGBT50


I’m not calling for peace in the world – though that’d be fine right –

just a moment to be heard. Listen up as I speak my words

Step with me sisters, step with me brothers

Step with me fathers step with me mothers

Break free with me. Into the light. Into the light

[Adam Lepore sings ‘I am What I am’]


50’s 60’s – arresting tableau

Look over here, the cops are fighting the queens and queers in the street, teeth, claw and nail, bound hands and feet, rows of dead meat, hog-tied and thrown into jail.

For what? For dancing and hugging and kissing my lover, no other reason that that. It’s open season on the community. I ain’t calling for special immunity just a chance to live and love who I choose to, like you do: the very same as you do.


70’s dancing for joy

Gay is Good. Shout it loud, both protest and party, take it to town.

Coming out of the closet, standing up for our rights, the fight back begins right here:  we march to celebrate our identity, our gender, our sexuality.  We march against intimidation…we march for LGBT liberation. Following Tatchell’s example, with banners and flags, we demand Freedom, Justice and Equality. PRIDE say it with me…

[Unison] We’re Here, We’re Queer We’re Showing No Fear! 


80s holding on to loved ones

The Wrath of God – Britain Threatened By Gay Virus Plague. Screaming Headlines. Have you got Aids?…..

Outbreak becoming epidemic, sickness to a disaster, there will be no happy ever after for us. The touch of a princess, the best we can wish for. Your blistered lips I dare not kiss, for fear of being cut down, by this deadly disease – the disease of the decade.

You told me a story about Section 28, how a school kid was tormented for being gay, how the teachers stayed silent and sent them away – Two, Four, Six, Eight! How Do You Know Your Kids Are Straight?  I’m not ready to be placed beside your beloved Hollywood ghosts… Hold me close this night, now let me slip, away, I’m marching beside, as you light the way.


says it all really!

Queer Ideology creeping down the corridors of power. The Lords turned upside down and inside out by the first openly gay member of the house. Chorus from LGBT kids, rises from the street, crystallising into action and a safe place to be.

Mermaids founded. McKellen meets Major, same sex attraction a mental illness no longer.Equality Networks. Article 8. Politics of unity not politics of hate. Gender Recognition Act. Civil Partnership granted. Christopher Cramp and Mathew Roche are legally united. Now you can be punished for homophobic hatred, Bed and Breakfast, Rainbow Laces.  LGBT inclusion in public places! [YEAH!] 

[words by Michelle Dee]


Cast of Into the Light for LGBT50 Hull 2017


As Frank so perfectly put it… some pictures may well be ‘stolen’

Watch Here: Film produced by Yorkshire Dance featuring live performance of Into The Light plus interviews from participants.


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