Hull Pupils Design Solution to Chewy Problem

It is Chewing Gum Awareness Week and primary schools in Hull, have been responding to the sticky mess that blights our city streets.  Within days of the new paving being laid in the city centre – as part of the regeneration of public spaces – chewing gum began to re-appear.


Hull pupils at Chewing Gum Gone at Kardomah 94

Recognising the sticky problem a fresh thinking Hull design company Creative Briefs, set schools across the city the challenge of the Chewing Gum Gone Project – coming up with ways to encourage the public do discard their gum responsibly.

Working with designer Anna Bullus, a prototype for a Gum Drop bin was built, then Jason Bowers of Creative Briefs, visited different schools in the city with the product. He led a series of creative design sessions in four Primary Schools in the city: Estcourt Primary, Dorchester Primary, Priory Primary and Oldfleet Primary. All the pupils were set the challenge of creating an eye-catching design for the Gum Drop’s outer-steel case.

The inner is actually made from recycled gum and one full Gum Drop, provides enough gum to make three more inners. So the Gum Drop bin is a sustainable and eco-friendly.   

The pupils learned about the design process using real-world concepts:

Initial Ideas – Research – Development  – Experiment – Refine – Pitch 

The mantra of action, motivation and determination is clearly evident in the work and the resulting designs are creative, inventive and fun, all the qualities they need, if they are to encourage people to use them.

With the tagline ‘Learn about giving chewing gum a second life’ the results of the project have been on display at a special exhibition. attended by the pupils. During the event covered by local media, the pupils were able to show their designs to potential businesses and other designers inside Kardomah 94, with the aim of attracting sponsorship and raising awareness of Chewing Gum Gone.

Initial interest has been good and a number of local companies have said they will have a Gum Drop bin outside their premises. It makes good sense, who wants to attend a meeting with chewing gum stuck to their shoe?

“The youth of today inspire me, especially when thy are allowed to quiz and link their knowledge to an industry professional just like Anna Bullus the Gum Drop bin designer” Jason – Creative Briefs

it is no coincidence that these are all key learning components that will be invaluable as they move into secondary education and beyond.

#ChewingGumAwarenessWeek @briefsnotpants

For More on Chewing Gum Gone

quotes from the board:

I have enjoyed working with Jason – I have learned lots

I am really happy with so many people showing an interest

I have enjoyed showing people our ideas and what we think

I love how everyone has taken part and had fun


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