Seattle’s Finest Thunderpussy Return to Hull

‘Now we know why Jimi did it this way’

Rock n roll history is made in dive bars when no-ones looking. So it was at O’Rileys Monday night last November, when Seattle’s hottest band Thunderpussy chose to kick off their first-ever UK tour in Hull. Named best rock band in 2015 by Seattle and on a high after causing a storm at Air Waves Music Festival in Reykjavik a few nights before,  the all-girl rock group gave the crowd in Hull a night to remember. The debut single ‘Vicious Noose’ featuring Mike McCready from Peal Jam on guitar, was released on May 8 and now the most exciting thing that has graced the rock n roll stage in years, make a welcome return this Saturday.

b5074bbe-e55e-4973-b982-8a61bfd5bb50Thunderpussy at O’ Rileys on Beverley Road  Saturday June 10 with Stympy Myth and Dirty Halo in support.

Tickets are available

Memories from the show stopping Hull debut…

There’s an air of sexual tension as lead singer Molly Sides clad in black leather high boots, turns up the heat in the room. Playing a full-on set of grungey rock with nods to The Stooges, Zepellin and Hendrix. She sets pulses racing, by announcing she is going to join the crowd on the dance floor.

Two songs in and she is sprawled out suggestively on the grubby floor with Whitney Petty on guitar, also in skintight leather, indulging in a private/public floorshow.

‘God gave rock n roll, Seattle gave us Thunderpussy.’ 

‘Thunder Pussy rock, they’ve got the lot, timing, musicality, stage presence and a pure rock vocal that every Saturday night flop star would kill for.’

The early years of dance training and performance, self evident, as every sensual move and rock n roll gesture is exquisitely choreographed. Thunderpussy give one hell of a polished performance, sending all the photographers running to get the best shot.

‘She poured her languid body over mine like she was made of liquid leather.’

Thunderpussy send the crowd into a frenzied state of heat and hormones. Self-assured, in full control of their sexuality, making every Latin turn, every toss of the head, every super-extended leg sweep, every gymnastic contortion effect a response from the crowd. With two encores and a declaration of love for all the Hull fans, Thunder Pussy close an electrifying debut UK show that will be remembered for a very long time.


Salute to Andy Richardson and GJM Music for making a wild idea a reality twice.

Thunderpussy at O’Rileys is 18+ only

Doors: 7.30pm – 11pm

Thunderpussy are:

Molly Sides – Vocals,
Whitney Petty – Guitar,
Leah Julius – Bass,
Ruby Dunphy – Drums,

Band site:


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