Poetry: Not Again

Not Again. I daren’t switch the radio on

for fear of hearing about another one.

Those Cowards. Plotting and scheming

this side all the while the ink has barely dried

on the signed Saudi Arms Deal. I feel

cheated. Beaten down by the lies so now

I must despise them. I can’t abide them.

They seek to divide me, pit me against

my brother and sister. Mister Blair wants

God to be his judge and still won’t budge

on accusations of war crimes.

Maggie May seeks to deny her part in the drama 

passing the buck onto those who were in power before her.

There’s no time

to unpick the lies, the malign and twisted sign

that money trumps blood. During endless vigils

it is Love not Hate that community leaders preach,

but they would be better off teaching the truth.

The wickedly cynical western foreign policy 

as the root for the rise in terrorist atrocity.

United they stand and march us off to war,

and then feign surprise when the same knocks at their door.

Watch them wring their hands and bow their heads,

as another minute’s silence is staged… to shamefully echo…

Not Again. Not Again. Not Again. terrorism definition


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