Rediscover the river at ‘The River We Once Knew’ by David Morris

Invitation to ‘The River We Once Knew’ by David Morris. A study of the River and her people 1971. At the HIP Gallery Hull June 2 – June 24. (PREVIEW Friday June 2 starts 6.30pm Everyone welcome) Black and white photographs of the streets, bars and faces of the city from the same time accompany these four River Hull images. Rosie Millard will open the show and there will be readings and stories from Vicky Foster, Audrey Dunne, Michelle Dee and Alec Gill.

If you worked the barges or were from a family who did, we would love to hear from you.


For HIP Gallery location and opening times use this link:


Below just two of the images taken in 70s Hull by David Morris accompanied by excerpts of the revealing stories behind each image. The stories behind the images are a vital component to understanding how and why David became the artist he is today.


Picture: David Morris

Trinity House Boys ‘The biggest surprise of all was the power of black and white photography to transform the world of the everyday.’


Picture: David Morris

The Revolution Starts in 5 ‘The young felt they could do anything, change the world, overturn the system, make a better place for people to live.’


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