Catching up with Women of Words

Despite feeling like warmed eggy death, it wouldn’t be right not to mention the success, that was Women of Words on Feb 1. Now on our eleventh outing (I think…. I’ve lost count Vicky?) Women of Words is a monthly spoken word platform here in the City of Culture, solely dedicated to supporting and encouraging the voices of women.

Ruth E. Dixon at Women of Words Hull Feb 01 2017

Ruth E. Dixon at Women of Words Hull Feb 01 2017

Each month we welcome an o.o.t (out of town) artist and also invite a local voice, to share the stage with a dozen or so open mic performers. Ruth E. Dixon charmed the room with her warmth and wit, woe-be-tide any pensioners shuffling in their slippers around Brigg Garden Centre… I can picture her now leaping out from behind the aspidistras, scythe sweeping the aisles, adjusting the aging population figure.

I spoke with Ruth during the break and she was visibly moved and enthused with what Women of Words are doing, she remarked upon the nature of the audience, the supportive, inclusive atmosphere she experienced in the room.  We don’t have any machismo at our event or grandstanding, whether you are published so many times you forget the number, or have never got up on stage before and shared a poem, each is given the same respect.


The Women…

During the two-hour duration you can expect poems political, personal, comic verse, storytelling, novel excerpts, short stories, found poems, letters and much more: an abundance of voices.

The monthly event is Free but we do have a whip round with a collecting bowl for the guest, to cover things like travel costs, but for the time being we remain an unfunded collective.

We also have Mal at Kardomah 94 to thank, for agreeing so generously to host us each and every month – first Wednesday of the month – at what Burnsy off of the BBC describes as ‘the venue with the most comfortable seats in the city.’

Join us for our regular Wednesday, 1st March when we will welcome Rose Drew as our out of town guest and Audrey Dunne flying the home flag. 

Follow us at:

Twitter: @womenofwordshul

Women of Words will also be making a special appearance at the Female Gaze on the 16 March (Thursday 2-4pm) promising an afternoon of unorthodox literary pleasure. For free tickets please book HERE

Women of Words is run by a non-critical collective of women who share the hosting duties each month, we very much welcome menfolk to attend as audience members. 

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