Review: Sometimes I feel like being alone…

“Sometimes I feel like being alone…” There was not much chance of that last night, as thousands of folk descended upon the marina to usher in ’17’. The lush vocals of Sarah Johns – one half of awesome ambient/electro duo Mr Beasley – filling the night air complimenting the cascades of gold and silver, green and red, from the firework display of In With a Bang.

“It’s seven minutes till two thousand and 17 Grandad!”

A little lad, maybe seven or eight, out with his grandfather, is stood on the wall, front of  The Minerva Pub. As the clock ticks down to 2017hrs (thank heaven for the 24 hour clock) a screen projects images of Hull and then Shane Rhodes poem…

and then the firework display itself… Each firework sequence, accompanied by a Hull soundtrack, in the form of a local playlist, taking in the recently visited Roland Gift and FYC, Everything but the Girl and of course The Housemartins’ Happy Hour.

These song choices were to be expected, but the inclusion of Mr Beasley and Chiedu Oraka and was that Counting Coins in there too…. during the very first hour of the whole year, points to the notion that 2017 and the ‘Made In Hull’ season will be represented by today’s creative minds and not just those of yesteryear. (However important or culturally significant they may be)

Picture: Alli C

Picture: Alli C

Tonight from 4pm we go see the Made In Hull illuminations and the story of the city of Hull projected on to iconic buildings…. I’m told there’s a giant Michelle Dee jumping up and down on the front of the Ferens. Not a bad start for 2017 hey.

More tomorrow…?

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