Preview: Louise Wallwein at Head in a Book

News of next Head in a Book Wednesday 20th July. Free visiting author series run in association with Wrecking Ball Press, James Reckitt Trust and Hull Libraries . LOUISE WALLWEIN was brought up in 13 different children’s homes and wrote her first play at the age of 17.louise wallweinA renowned poet, playwright and filmmaker, her explosive work detonates her audiences’ imaginations.

Louise has written, performed, and collaborated all over the world, bringing to life characters that exist in the margins of society. Among many writing residencies, Louise was the 2006 Poet in Residence of Queensland.

Her works include the BBC Radio Play “Dirty White Girl”, the plays “Skid 180”, “Melting Ice” and “Tagged”, as well as the one-woman show “Low Flying Aircraft”, performed on the wing of a World War II Shackleton aircraft.



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