Campaign Highlighting Increased Risk From Legal Highs During Summer

REAL, the Hull-based charity that promotes awareness of the dangers surrounding New Psychoactive Substances – known on the street as ‘legal highs – launch their #Real4U Poster Campaign at a media event on Friday 10 June at Kardomah 94 Alfred Gelder St. 10.30am . The event expected to attract considerable media attention, will see the launch of the new eye-catching poster written in text speak. The poster directed specifically at young people, carries a message highlighting the 4U’s that make taking ‘legal highs’ so dangerous.

real4u-posterThe 4U’s are: Untested Unregulated Unpredictable Unsafe

The text speak message has also been recorded by one of REAL’s ‘Recovery Champions’, creating an audio track, specially designed to be shared across social media platforms, in order to reach the target group of 16 – 25 year olds.

Su Baker, (Project Director) Real said:

Despite the new legislation banning the sale of New Psychoactive Substances on the high street, use of these substances is set to continue. Real has launched the new awareness campaign to help highlight the serious consequences of taking legal highs and draw public attention to the issue.”

The new campaign is a direct response by REAL after the summer was identified as being a time of increased risk for young people, due to the expected rise in alcohol consumption at post-exam/end of year parties and celebrations.

It is widely accepted that alcohol consumption lowers inhibitions, impairing decision making ability, making it more likely that young people will experiment with ‘legal highs’. The potential of serious harm is increased when mixing ‘legal highs’ and alcohol.

It is hoped a high profile campaign with support from schools, colleges and community organisations will help safeguard the well-being of young people during the summer.” Su Baker (Project Director) REAL

Since launching eighteen months ago, REAL have created a wide range of resources, with the specific aim of educating young people, parents and professionals, about the dangers and misconceptions surrounding ‘legal highs’. The outreach sessions delivered by REAL have been well received by staff and students alike.

The new posters will be freely available at Friday’s launch event for people to pick up and then display in schools, colleges and community centres in Hull and surrounding area. Mike Tong and Su Baker from REAL will be on hand to answer any questions surrounding the summer awareness campaign and the outreach work they do.

REAL – Summer Campaign Launch Event #Real4U

Location: Kardomah 94, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull

Time: 10:30am

REAL: Resilience building Education and Advice for Legal highs

For more information and to contact REAL:



Social: @RealGetHelp

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