Hull Band to Host Benefit for Kanye

The infamous alternative folk act Black Kes from Hull, are to host a special fund-raising concert for Superstar rap artist Kanye West. After reading reports that the self-styled ‘ Greatest Rockstar on the planet’ was down on his luck and $53 mil. in the red, Black Kes leader JT believed it was Black Kes’ duty to lend a fellow artist a hand.  kanye begging bowlThe Pure West Promotions fundraising gala concert takes place in the City of Culture on Friday 22nd April. The event has been publicised by way of the must-have “Cut-out-and-keep Kanye Doll” which provides literally hours of fun.

kanye doll

The promo poster designed by Hull artivist Rich Wilson (Settee of Culture, Spam Taxi and ?) resulted in fans posting Kanye dolls dressed down in his Hell Bunny skirt, boots and Black Kes festival tee. 

cllr. bradyAlternative versions were released such was the demand, soon the Kanye doll had more outfits and accessories. The inspired “Cut-out-and-keep ‘Detroit Ghetto’ Cllr. Steve Brady” continues the healthy practice of mocking our benevolent leaders: a practice which began with the sacrificial burning of Carl Minns in a car park in 08.  

Black Kes emerged from the city’s shadowy folk underbelly to exist on the fringe of Hull’s music scene, effortlessly uncool, their laid-back skiffle-based stylings make hard-working hipster acts look positively pedestrian. 

Recent Black Kes live shows have erupted into full-blown mutha-lovin’ fun, with dancin’ and singin’ and other ‘bizarre activity’ reported by onlookers. 

Black Kes can’t definitively guarantee an appearance by the great man himself, but they do promise a star-studded night on Beverley Road at O’ Rileys, compered by the aforementioned Rich Wilson, in the company of Street Urchin, Tim O’ Connor and more dreamers and doers from the Hull scene. Sadly for the many women fans of Black Kes, The Captain (Archie) left the band after playing his final show, supporting Asbo Derek so rumour is there’s a vacancy going in the Supergroup. 

12993601_1176250012407512_5597984045364118466_nShow Time: Friday 22nd April at 8pm , O’Rileys, Beverley Road, Hull Donations OTD

Black Kes, a band with cojones so big they need their own seats on the bus.’ 

There really is nothing like a good folk band to get the blood pumping and Black Kes are nothing like a good folk band.’ 

Event Page:

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Listen to Haunted House by Black Kes ‪#‎np‬

Buy The Worldwide Award-winning hit album ‘Premium Brew’ Available via Amazon! Search ‘Black Kes’


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