Infinite possibilities as What Is? return to Hull pop-up gallery space

Infinite possibilities as What Is? return to Hull pop-up gallery space

FREE Event at Home Hopper pop-up gallery, Hull, 11 Princes Avenue, Hull, HU5 3RX on Saturday, February 13 (7-10pm) and Sunday, February 14 (1-4pm) 2016 A two-day What Is? Collective event will take place in Hull on Valentine’s weekend. The event will include new original works of art, live music, performances of new writing… and drinks.

what is infinity?The FREE event has the theme of infinity. The event offers the perfect opportunity for those wishing to either escape or indulge in this romantic weekend. In addition to large scale paintings by artist Sarah Mole, the event will also include live acoustic music and performances.

Hull’s Speak Easy will provide the music, while Hull writer Dave Windass has written new prose pieces that will be read by actors Charlotte Sellers, Joanne Hill, Katherine Miles and Mike Metcalfe. Michelle Dee will also perform new work written especially for the occasion. All of the work is based around the theme of Infinity.

What Is? Collective contributing artist Dave Windass, who is writing new work to be performed by four actors, said: “Romance is an appreciation of new beginnings, nature, sky, and life and is a moment for single people and couples, when the infinite seems possible. Even if being in a relationship is too much hassle, your partner hates Valentine’s, you don’t like being ripped off by card companies, you’re just after an interesting evening.

So we’re offering people a chance to experience something different as we explore, through art, the idea of what infinity means to us and for other people to reflect on what infinity means to them.”

This is the second What Is? event and follows the successful All Will Flow exhbition that took place in December 2015.

What Is? Collective contributing artist Sarah Mole, who is creating a collection of work on the theme of infinity, said: “Being involved in an event of this kinds provides a real opportunity and the momentum to create some really interesting new work and present it in a format that will surprise an audience that, if the first event was anything to go by, come with very open minds and a willingness to explore the meaning of the arts and their relationship to art.”

The organisers of the event are inviting people to submit a word (or words) in response to the theme that will be used as inspiration for the creation of new pieces of art and incorporated into writing to be performed at the event.

Those interested should email a word (or words, if they get carried away) by emailing or submit word(s) via twitter at @whatiscollectiv

Live music over the two days will be provided by The Speakeasy.

Further information about the event will be announced on twitter @whatiscollectiv

More What Is? events are planned for 2016. The Collective will select a different theme for each event that will form the basis of a personal inquiry for artists and audiences.



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