Wreckless Eric – Here Today Gone Tomorrow

It’s just a transitory thing… here today and gone tomorrow, he cries amidst reverb soaked guitar. Eric Goulden otherwise known as Wreckless Eric, landed in Hull to play Kardomah 94 for his ‘hometown’ gig.  After last year’s  sold out show, the audience were treated to a stand-out solo performance on the ‘amERICa’ World Tour. 

He’s got that amps in your bedroom analogue sound, which apparently is exactly how he recorded the new album ‘amERICa‘ out now on Fire Records

Like Ray Davies, Kevin Ayers and Ian Dury he is a truly great British songwriter.’ MOJO Magazine.

Eric paints a colourful scene of the experimental pop music pioneer  Joe Meek, a number that becomes a bit of an anthem to the legendary producer. ‘On the second floor of number 304 Above a handbag store and the heavy roar Of traffic rolling down the Holloway Road’

wreckless ericSongs introduced by way of rambling stories – anecdotes about lewd roadies in flight cases up to all sorts and Milli Vanilli robbing gas stations – sometimes the story is longer than the song itself. Taking pot shots at Gary Barlow he introduces ‘Boy Band’ from the new album.

The crowd made up of a lot of die-hard fans are loving each and every minute. Me, I’m new to Wreckless Eric, it struck me how immediately likeable he was, and how accessible the songs were. I find myself singing along after the second or third chorus. 

Eric is the genuine article: ravaged by time he maybe, but for a man with a fractured mind he’s the consummate showman. 

I been touring since 1941 that’s just this year‘ he jokes before breaking out a few more tracks from the new record. ‘Transitory Thing’ on electric guitar ‘here today and gone tomorrow‘ he sings and now he’s on his knees. 

Of course he does a blistering rendition of ‘Whole Wide World’ – the rock n roll/new wave hit has the crowd bellowing out the catchy chorus. New single ‘Several Shades of Green’ recalls a life lived in music as seen through his acerbic lens. 

wrecless eric americaDepressing and jolly with a jauntiness about it – that’s my contract with you,’ he announces before launching into ‘Days of My Life’ and ‘Sysco Trucks’ comes out sounding like Jagger on Tramadol… There follows the part of the show which is affectionately known as the ‘sonic experience’. Turning the little amp at the back of the stage on full, he produces layer upon layer of guitar reverb creating bold soundscapes – the kind of feedback sound, where you start hearing stuff that isn’t really there, inside the white noise. 

The crowd is on their feet calling for an encore: more epic songs and stories ‘Semaphore Signals’ and ‘Reconnez Cherie’.  It’s a celebratory atmosphere in here tonight to be sure.  

New Album amERICa here: https://wreckelssericmusic.bandcamp.com/album/america

An evening of intense, funny, seedy, & at times, uncompromising moments. Eric always gives good value/entertainment, even though you don’t always get what you want, or expect. Loved it!….As always.  

& it’s always nice to have a name-check, or two, from the stage. ‘Intense. Relaxed. Melodic. Dischordant. Ordered. Chaotic. These are what to expect from a Wreckless Eric gig….& we got them all, plus more.GGB

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