Marnie: A Hit At Hull Austerity Show

On Saturday night singer/songwriter Marnie opened the night inside the Queens Pub and entertained the crowds at We Shall Overcome, organised by artist/activist Rich Sharp Wilson (One Hull of A City) 

Marnie @ We Shall Overcome 3rd October, Hull

Marnie @ We Shall Overcome 3rd October, Hull

Unlike the current swathe of female singer/songwriters Marnie has a deeper more rock-inspired voice that allowed her to deliver an accomplished set of reworked covers and original songs. The set list included a jazz-inspired version of Radiohead’s classic High and Dry, her own take on the Zutons’ original Valerie, some local character in a song about Reynoldson Street and ‘It’s not about music anymore‘ a rail against the cynicism and sexism, found in the industry.

Announcing that she’d been away from performing for six years, you’d be forgiven for thinking the break, would have been evident: not a bit of it. Marnie played and sang in relaxed, confident fashion, like she’d never missed a week.

On a weekend when events were taking place nationwide, Hull was doing its fair share of shouting out about austerity: highlighting the cuts to public services, the unjust benefit caps and the general feeling of malaise felt by certain communities.

As it is with many protests around social justice, it is the artists who readily speak out, who rally the troops, build support through creative endeavour.


I’m just happy to be part of a growing grassroots groundswell in opposition to the government. The response I got from the weekend has been humbling and deeply heart-warming.’

Rich Sharp Wilson (Organiser)

Accomplished, ambitious and engaging: with two more shows booked for this week already Marnie is proving to be ‘one to watch’ for the audiences and promoters alike.

Marnie will be performing at Off The Road Jazz Bar Wednesday 7th October

and again in Cottingham on the 17th October

Follow Marnie on Soundcloud to listen to brand new song Let Me In.

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