Storytellers Inspired By Stranded Seal Pup

Hull Storytellers raised £110.00 pounds for British Divers Marine Life Rescue at their first storytelling event, since forming earlier this year. The fundraiser took place on Saturday evening May 23 at Minerva Pub next to the Humber.

Having decided to continue the storytelling journey, after receiving support from Freedom To Tell Tales in 2014, a core group of storytellers formed a story circle, to share fables and folklore, adding to the city’s rich narrative tradition.

Seafaring tales feature heavily in this part of the world, so the plight of a stranded seal pup inspired the theme and the event, to raise awareness of the vital work done by the volunteers of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Seal at RestLast month storyteller group member Andrea Burn, spotted a seal pup caught in nets, washed up on the beach in Withernsea. After calling up the BDMLR – having been given the number quite by chance by a passer-by, the seal pup was rescued. Local media attention followed the rescue and the seal pup was christened Jane Eyre. She was then taken to Scarborough Sea Life Centre to recuperate and be treated for her injuries. Due to the fact the BDMLR were immediately alerted to the situation, Jane is now recovering from her ordeal.

At the charity event magical stories were told: folklore from familiar shores to mystical places in Scotland and Cornwall, then further still with legends from Africa and Cajun tales set in the swamps of the deep South.

The brewhouse audience at The Minerva pub were warmly entertained by the watery myths, served up by the fledgling storytellers and truly captivated by the prowess, of special guest  the renowned storyteller Shonaleigh.

There was a special atmosphere and much generosity from the audience, not just for the charity, but for all of us storytellers too.

Next outing for Hull Storytellers will be in September for Freedom Festival 2015.

‘Founded in 1988 British Divers Marine Life Rescue BDMLR is the only charity covering England Wales and Scotland totally dedicated to the rescue of marine life such as whales, dolphins porpoises and seals.’

If you spot a beached marine mammal the number to call is: 01825 765546

For more information visit

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