Heartsong Hits All the Right Notes

Just experienced my first evening with Heartsong, a singing group, that meets fortnightly at Artlink.  The last song of the evening is going around in my head as I head home.

O way Ana heya wa heya heya
O way Ana heya wa heya heya

heartsongIt is a Native American Indian tune and I imagine once we’ve worked it up we’ll be belting it out. I’d missed the first evening of this term of Heartsong but determined to try something else new, out of my comfort zone, I challenged myself to go along and join in. At some point, during the ninety minutes, I remembered that I really enjoy singing; particularly in a group, with other voices, creating harmonies.

I’d given up any hope of group singing in my teens, because I felt I couldn’t find a way for my voice to fit into a standard choir. (Mum told me years ago to join the Savoyards -I never plucked up the courage)  I’d created a barrier in my mind to participation.

Happily tonight at Heartsong there were no barriers. I enjoyed my first singing session, the other members are very welcoming and friendly, as it turns out I recognised a few faces.

The very open relaxed, go at your own pace, sessions organised and delivered by experienced choir leader Clare Drury, are the perfect vehicle for me to experience singing again in a choir setting. There are the high parts and the middle parts and the low parts and despite not always finding the right note tonight, it was okay. It was better than okay it was really good.

The songs are all taught by ear so there’s no need to read music. Tonight the source material came from a variety of origins; we started by learning a Lapp tune that was used by herders to bring in the reindeer. There was a spiritual tune and even a song from the N. East Coast sung to a swing beat.  A little bit of a cross cultural exchange. Loved it.

Clare was very alert to anyone who was struggling (my pitch was far from perfect but I persevered and found something that felt comfortable) She took time using repetition – the best way to learn something new- making sure everyone had each phrase and line and understood what they had to do. When we got it right it really did sound good.

I would recommend Heartsong to first time singers, lapsed singers anyone really, who thinks that they might enjoy finding their voice, in a relaxed group setting.

I look forward to the next one in two weeks time.

Speak to Clare to book your place tel. 07774 961811

Email: singwithclare@outlook.com for a booking form.

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