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    I totally agree with everything you have written.
    I have been trying to get in touch with ‘the team’ for ages, but as yet no reply except told to wait with my idea that would involve over 3000 hull folk who hopefully would begin to feel a part of 2017. As yet the people of Hull do not feel part of it at all, I truly hope they will but time is moving on.


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  3. Darren Edwards

    The only thing that can worsen that logo is Comic Sans font.


  4. pixelrocketuk

    I agree with a lot of the points you’ve raised, specially the point about having the artwork interpreted by local creatives on a rotating basis. The only thing I would add is that the corporate brand of 2017 may have been decided, but the content belongs to everybody.


  5. The following response appeared on Hull City of Culture Monday 13 Apr. Hello – It seems changing our profile pic cause a bit of a stir this weekend, more than we had intended. I’m always happy to answer questions and comments so here goes.
    We are indeed starting to withdraw the bid branding as we kick off work on the new brand which will be launched in September. While the brand is what we use to raise money for the programme (to pay for the art!) there will also be a version of it that is free for artists and communities to use as part of their projects. We also want creative and other communities to be involved in the new brand’s creation so stay tuned for info on that in the coming weeks.
    It was always our intention to change the profile pic every week or so, using text and/or pictures that capture the spirit of Hull. As some of you have suggested we can and should invite our friends on here to submit their own pics so do feel free to do that and we’ll make sure they are properly credited.
    Also do please keep sending us info on up and coming arts events and we’ll make sure they are posted and put on our Twitter.


  6. Martin Green

    Hi Michelle. Thanks for posting my response to the comments over the past few days. We said in the various meetings with the arts community since October that we would need to go a bit quiet until this point so we could get the nuts and bolts of the company put together and design structured ways that people can get involved. In the coming months these opportunities will be advertised and we’ll start preparing for 2017 together. as you might imagine preparing to stage 365 days of arts events takes some planning and I want to make sure we invest the time in these early days to get it right when it happens. Stay tuned fro further information in the coming weeks and months. As I said in the meetings by the end of 2015 everyone will know how to get involved and the opportunities available which gives us a year before the first event and two years before the last one. Ultimately of course no one needs our permission to do anything as part of 2017.

    As for Facebook the agreement for us to take over the administration of the page was done with the full agreement of Volcom. We didn’t ‘buy’ it (that’s against Facebook rules) but made a donation to Volcom, suggested by them, in recognition of its fantastic work to this point. Everyone can still send us details of up coming arts events and we will post them, on twitter also and eventually on the redesigned website.

    We’ll also be rotating the imagery and invite everyone to send us suggestions and we’ll credit them properly.

    Anyone can now get in touch with us at theteam@hull2017.co.uk. However we are asking people to wait to send us in programming ideas until we have structured call outs to respond to. I’ve done this because I believe artists ideas should be protected and if used should be properly credited and paid for/funded if appropriate.

    I hope that clarifies some things and I’m always happy to answer questions on the journey to 2017 as and when the come up.


    Martin Green
    CEO Hull 2017


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