Vote Green Vote Michelle Dee For Marfleet

Good Friday good, for many reasons: namely my nomination to be a Green Party candidate in the election Thursday 7 May 2015. I will be standing as a paper candidate in the Marfleet Ward of Hull. I will be conducting an online campaign and actively raising the awareness and understanding of Green policies.

greenparty banner adAs I explained to an enquiring mind on Friday, as he repeatedly hugged a nearby tree, the Greens are not just about the environment. The Green Party campaign slogan is ‘Standing for the Common Good‘ rather apt that I began standing for the common good on Good Friday.

In an an eventful few hours on Good Friday, I spoke to many different people on topics ranging from NHS to Defence, Housing even Drug policy. This was the perfect opportunity for me to begin to engage with the electorate, to discuss the issues they cared about.

The Greens would:
Ensure that spending on mental health care rises by 33% within our overall commitment to increase real spending on health.

Lead the way to nuclear disarmament by scrapping Trident and saving £100billion.

Scrap the Bedroom Tax

Treat drug addiction as a health issue and not wait for it to become a crime problem.

michdeecropBy the end of the evening through my general enthusiasm and bonhomie, I had attracted a Campaign Photographer and Advisor. I even had an offer from a well-respected artist, to write a campaign song. All support and encouragement, on this my inaugural foray into the political sphere, is gratefully received.

I will be tweeting @msmichdee using the #GreenSurge and I invite you to follow me, whether you live in the Marfleet ward or not, as I endeavour to raise awareness of a real alternative to three party politics.

Read more on Key Green Party Policies

Read more about how you can Get Involved in the Yorkshire and Humber Green Party 

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