TFI Did Represent

There’s a new Hip-Hop night at the Adelphi,’ they said, ‘Are you going down?’ Another new night… ‘I’m not so sure,’ I said. TFI Did otherwise, I’d have missed out on what turned out to be, one of the best nights of the year, at the celebrated venue since perhaps the #Adelphi30 week. 

Roya at Represent image by @photomoments

Roya at Represent image by @photomoments

The vision of Verity Adriana artist and creative thinker, Represent was given unto this world on Good Friday, to a fanfare of classic hip hop beats and a packed out room of shiny party people. 

The beauty about Represent was that you didn’t need to be a Hip Hop aficionado to get down, you just needed to want to move. The live DJs Fast T and The Don were spinning killer tunes on the decks, that the crowd instinctively knew and loved, then mixing it up with a bunch of tunes that were fresh to me. I’m no Hip Hop guru but it didn’t matter I was there to have fun and boy did I do that.

It was busy, really busy, but the atmosphere was, as Tony would say, Grrrreat! Everyone had a really cool time despite the energy levels being at full tilt. I was so excited I got up on the stage and danced, quite a few people did. Represent had attracted people from across the spectrum: young, older, artists, musicians, students, professionals and more.

It was the place to be: to be seen, to Represent. Word is that Represent is planning on something for Summer so good news there.

Happy Birthday Verity. It was clear from the smiles lining the front of the Adelphi stage as she blew out the candles on her cake, that everyone was overjoyed with the night’s success. To quote a happening hep cat sporting a killer medallion, ‘It’s Ace!’

Follow Represent Hull’s newest Hip Hop night on Facebook and make sure you check out the galleries from the night.

Find out about loads more good stuff on the new Adelphi website.

See more atmospheric images from @photomoments

Fast T at Represent image by @photomoments

Fast T at Represent image by @photomoments

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