Who Will Be Your Humber Number 1?

The Humber Number 1 local music chart launches Sunday 8th March from 8pm on Hull Kingston Radio. The brand new show presented by Mikey Scott of Fruit Trade Music will give listeners a chance to connect with local music like never before.

WavesLogo Humber Number 1 aims to find the region’s favourite local song each month. The music on the chart will feed into the station’s regular playlist so you could hear a track by Emma Fee alongside legends like the Beatles or Bowie.

Pete Mills, Programme Director for Hull Kingston Radio  ‘The playing of regional music to our audience is a key driver for the station, not only to encourage the creativity of  the artists and all who support them but also for the enjoyment of our listeners.’

Malcolm Scott, Director of HKRadio said ‘We want to raise awareness of the talent and to
encourage listeners to engage with the performers, hopefully buy music and see them

How Does It Work?

Each month is divided into four weeks.

Week 1: The first ten tracks submitted for the chart are played in their entirety.
Week 2: The second ten tracks submitted are played in their entirety and a recap of the first ten.
Week 3: All twenty tracks are played to recap all the tracks, in each month’s chart.

It is only after all the tracks have been played on week 3 that voting opens. Voting will take place online and by text through the Humber Number 1 page on hullkingstonradio.com Voting closes final Thursday before the chart run down.

Week 4: We add up all the votes and count down from ten to one and crown the very first Humber Number 1.

How Do I Listen?

hullkingstonradioliveonairHumber Number 1 will be broadcast every Sunday from 8pm and is available online at Hull Kingston Radio, on DAB Digital and on the regional FM frequency 107.4, broadband and mobile App.

Humber Number 1 will also be available as a podcast for download.

How Do Artists Get On The Chart? 

The first thing for artists looking to get their music on the show to consider is the question of radio friendliness. Due to station music policy and remit, certain music will not be permissible under the station guidelines. The decision over a song’s suitability for the chart will be solely made by the Humber Number 1 show.

In the coming weeks and months artists will be invited to send tracks to Humber Number 1 for consideration. Tracks must be of reasonable broadcast quality in terms of recording. In the run up to the launch of the chart, recording studios in the region such as Africa Studios, Fairview and Mountain Sound have been contacted and invited to encourage artists on their rosters to submit tracks for the chart.

What Am I Likely To Hear? 

Despite the radio friendly rule that all the songs must stick to, Humber Number One will remain an incredibly eclectic and varied local music radio show. Some of the names you are likely to hear in the first month are artists like young indie upstarts Breeze, folk/pop singer Emma Fee, singer/songwriter Michael Phelan, R n B artist Issy Thomas or sleezy rock from Johnny Jepson all looking for your vote to become the first Humber Number 1.

My money is on Fronteers and a really listenable track called Youth, which has a catchy Britpop indie laid back sound that caught my ear.


 How Will Humber Number 1 Benefit Local Music?

In short in so many different ways.

It will be a direct way for national A n R to dip into what is happening musically in Hull and the wider region, providing a snapshot, a sample of the estuary sound at any given moment.

The Humber Number 1 format will attract attention nationwide as we build towards 2017.

The songs played on the chart will feed into the station’s regular playlist increasing the potential airtime and song plays for artists.

It will give listeners the chance to hear local bands and artists that they won’t have heard anywhere else.

Brand new songs will enter in to the chart each month so always keeping the chart fresh and relevant.

Hull Kingston Radio is developing a 25% local music playlist. That kind of airtime for local music will be a huge boost to the levels of artist exposure.

Hull Kingston Radio on air 24/7 already has a wide listener demographic through its other regular shows.  Humber Number 1 will put local music right in front of the listeners, giving more people the chance to hear and support local music.

Artists who reach the Humber Number 1 top spot will get opportunities to play live in city centre locations and at sporting events.

‘It will be good for local music because bands will be more regularly on the radio, on a radio station that plays more local music. The chart show is an opportunity for different styles of music, in an hour long slot, to be regularly heard by an existing listenership who wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to local music in their everyday lives.  Regional music deserves bigger audiences at home and further afield. By creating a regional chart  show  for  Hull  Kingston  Radio,  a  massive  audience  can  create  regional  success  stories. Who knows where this might lead?

We’re encouraging studios and artists from the Humber region to send their best tracks to Studio@hullkingstonradio.com. with contact and performer/band details.
There’ll be ten new tracks on the second chart and no track will be allowed to stay for more than two charts. That’s how the Humber Number One will remain current and relevant. It’s a good opportunity for bands to get their music heard and appreciated, and for those who win to play sports venues and gigs in the city. ‘
 Humber Number 1 Presenter Mikey Scott 

Brief Chart History

Ever since 1952 and Al Martino’s first national number one, being published in the Musical Express (later to become NME), the nation has been fascinated with music charts. Due to changes in the way the public consume music, the charts have had to change and evolve to reflect that. New technology and radio broadcasting popular music created a soundtrack for pop culture and the race to number one was born.

There were lists derived from Gallup polls, then the electronic point of sales machines, listening booths in record stores,  record companies’ ever more creative marketing, the targeting of younger audiences, radio airplay versus actual shop sales, BBC Radio 1 versus Pepsi Chart and the Diana Effect. Now there are downloads with the Official UK Chart and iTunes, CDBaby sales, Spotify charts and sites with Top Ten Lists everywhere. On March 8th 2015 at 8pm you in the Humber Region have the chance to shape your own music chart, celebrate the homegrown talent and choose your Humber Number 1.


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